Kiddo’s Fashion Show (2019)

By Unique Runway Mgt. (other events)

Saturday, July 20 2019 4:00 PM 8:00 PM

Anti-Bullying kids fashion show that brings awareness to children that are committing suicide due to bullying. This show is an all kids show. We have kid DJ, kid designers, kid host etc... There’s never going to be a way of stopping kids from bullying other kids, but we can teach them how to work together and learn how to stand up to bullying. By showing them their Worth. We hope to teach self respect, self esteem, self confidence and most of all love. It’s time to learn how to STAND UP TO BULLYING!!!  The kids are our future and we must learn how to teach them another way instead of killing them selves. Please come out and join us as we show them how to build them selves up on the runway.